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The New Zealand Certificate in Skills for Living for Supported Learners (Level 1) with an optional strand in Skills for Working is a 55-75 credit entry level qualification intended for people who require specialised support with their learning. They are people with learning disabilities, including those with an intellectual disability.


Strategic Purpose: Graduates will be able to self-manage participation in social, cultural, family/whanau and community contexts, with supervision and/or be encouraged to seek further skills and knowledge to improve their educational and employment pathway. There is an optional strand for those candidates who wish to gain specific skills & knowledge required for the workplace. This qualification recognises the aspirations and cultural identities of the disabled communities, and that of Maori and Pasifika.

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NZQA has extended delivering the National Certificate in Work and Community Skills (Supported Learning) until 31 Dec 2019 - see the NZQA website for outline

Graduates of this qualification will be able to:

- Demonstrate self-management of day to day living situations

- Maintain personal safety, health and well-being.

- Participate and interact in everyday situations.

- Participate in planning a future pathway to achieve personal goals. - Apply problem-solving strategies to resolve day to day issues.

- Apply literacy and numeracy skills required for day to day living


Graduates of the Outcomes for Skills for Working strand will also be able to:

- Apply basic skills required to plan a work pathway

- Apply basic skills and practices required to carry out tasks in a work context.

- Act in accordance with the basic rights, responsibilities and requirements needed for work

NZcert Download .pdf outline and specifications for this NZ certificate

Entry requirements: There are no mandatory prerequisites to meet regulatory body or legislative requirements for this qualification.


Process:  Schools or organisations choosing to deliver this qualification should apply to NZQA for Consent to Assess. SLR Documentation to show graduate outcomes and delivery through SLR unit standards can be used to support applications. Alternatively, students can work through individual Supported Learning unit standards alongside other standards and subject areas to create their own Record of Achievement and may look to do the qualification as a tertiary option from one of the tertiary organisations delivering the certificate.


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