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Look through the selection of SUPPORTING LEARNING active learning and visual workbooklets that offer opportunities for adolescent learners and options for your staff. SLR workbooklets can be used thematically or with a skills focus or as support within subject areas to offer relevant material for learners. 
All SLR material is emailed in .pdf's ready to use with students by picking and choosing tasks or selecting booklets that are designed to engage students, promote thought, link ideas and encourage recognition of skills and knowledge. 
SLR workbooklets can also be used digitally with a .pdf writer to retain all formatting and visuals. Tasks weave in literacy, numeracy, thinking, social and problem solving skills throughout each theme.

series one workbooklets

Series One has been designed for adolescents working around Level 1-2 of the New Zealand Curriculum and often with ORS or high learning needs.  The workbooklets are skill-based in a modern context for students to understand & relate to with 15+ practical, active and visual tasks to choose from within each booklet … you can also pick your workbooklets to create programmes. $45 each or see SLR Bulk Discount offers below.

Suitable for students working around L1-2

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series one plus workbooklets

Building on from Series One booklets, this series adds depth & skills with the potential to link into subject specific areas or as stand alone material.  Build a collection of titles to support your students and give options to staff. Series One Plus can be used as themes or as support within subject areas. $45 each or see SLR Bulk Discount offers below.

Suitable for students working around L1+ to L2+. 

series one plus cover.png
@home series

This SLR series has five FREE workbooklets that lead learners and caregivers working at home through L1-2+ tasks centered around words, numbers, movements, projects and sensory themes.  Download them for free from the @Home page.  The workbooklets are flexible (not EVERY task needs to be completed), practical (focused on your surrounds), useful (helps builds key skills) and enjoyable. You can add tasks, have discussions, collect objects, extend or simplify. $45 each or see SLR Bulk Discount offers below.

Suitable for students working around L1-2+

at home series cover.png
series two workbooklets

Each Series Two workbooklet is filled with 20-30 relevant, practical & achievable tasks. The tasks can be used as suggestions, as a base for additional knowledge, or as a programme of learning. The tasks focus on active and practical learning opportunities, using your local area and resources, encouraging social interaction and transferring skills between tasks. $45 each or see SLR Bulk Discount offers below.

Suitable for students working around L2-3+ and lead into the NCEA L1 Supported Learning or Life Skills packages.

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social studies workbooklets

This series has six content & skills booklets linking into the NZ Social Studies curriculum or as stand-alone workbooklets. This is a developing series filled with active and visual content (without the heavy literacy focus) and reflects key themes within the Year 9-10 Social Studies curriculum. $45 each or see SLR Bulk Discount offers.  This subject area will continue to have more topics developed to add options around culture, race, politics, environment and economics.


Suitable for students working around L1-3 of curriculums.

science workbooklets

The SLR Science series of 20 workbooklets focuses on topics that reflect the current NZ junior science curriculum. The SLR Science workbooklets cover the four themes - Living World, Material World, Physical World and Planet Earth & Beyond and are filled with relevant and engaging tasks for priority learners. Each science booklet can be used within classes, with small groups or with individuals. They have practical & meaningful science tasks,  with relevant science visuals and science research options. $45 each or see SLR Bulk Discount offers. Suitable for students working around L2-3 of curriculums. 

Science workbooks-2 copy 2.png
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SLR workbooklet pricing

Student Paper Writing

individual workbooklets

ALL SLR workbooklets are $45 for each .pdf.
SLR workbooklets are .pdf's that are electronically uploaded. You are emailed the link to share with your staff or you can download your file ready for print. 
SLR workbooklets can also be used digitally with.pdf writers to keep formatting, visuals and layout as you purchase it (click below for instructions.

TO ORDER: just email us at with your list of workbooklet title(s) and the workbooklet(s) will be uploaded the same day ready for you to use.  An invoice is emailed separately.

BULK DISCOUNTS: to buy 5+ SLR workbooklets, take advantage of the bulk discount mix and match offer > 

slr bulk discounts

Mix and match workbooklets from any SLR series to take advantage of the 5, 10, 15 or 20 bulk discount rate below.




5 booklets for $200 (not $225) - saving $25

10 booklets for $390 (not $450) - saving $60

15 booklets for $585 (not $675) - saving $90

20 booklets for $780 (not $900) - saving $120


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SLR has developed relevant & engaging blended assessment material for NCEA Level 1-2 unit standards linking common standards into themes to fit within curriculum frameworks or with IEP's.  This ensures skills & resources are linked together to make sense for educators & learners and are easy to follow.


A selection of one page worksheets focusing on skills within a theme bundled up in packs of five or ten.  Perfect for use in everyday teaching, cover/relief lessons, wet weather days or as a life saver in an emergency.  Ready to use, just select a bundle and watch your students learn!



We are often asked questions about workbooklets, NCEA assessment material, how to order, contact details or professional development opportunities.  Head over to our continually evolving questions page to see if you can find the answers you need quickly. Or maybe how to contact us for a ZOOM PD session to ask your own questions and to work alongside one of the SLR staff to get practical and quick answers to build your own pathways in your own environments.


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