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FREE SLR booklet filled with tasks

We wanted you to have a simple, one-stop-shop of sample pages from all the SLR booklets series so we created one for you! The new SLR Complimentary Sample Pages booklet is free when you email us to request it. (see below)

It has 3-5 pages of tasks from each series. We selected a booklet you might like from Series One, One Plus, @Home, Series Two, Social Studies, Science, NCEA L1 Supported Learning and Skills for Work and put it together with information about each series. This free booklet has 42 pages of fun, engaging, practical and visual tasks to get your SLR journey started and to share around as a whole with colleagues, or to simply print off sections that are relevant to different subject/level areas.

Just email us on Subject: Free Sample Booklet and we will arrange for your free download to get started. (and there may even be a sneaky discount voucher emailed to help get things rolling for you too!)


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