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Can't find what you need?

Creating a new website wasn't something we were planning on doing in 2021 but with our original website frozen and not being fixed by the provider ... we decided to embrace the challenge to start a new digital journey to support learning.

The whole SLR team (even the two job-dogs), colleagues, web professionals, digital boost groups, teachers, friends, family and even students have all had input about what they wanted to keep, refresh, adapt or maybe even lose!!!

As we track people using the new pages and how pages perform under pressure, we will keep tweaking and putting final content up to make sure it is as user-friendly as we can make it ... and sleek and modern of course!

Meanwhile, if you can't find what you need or used something that is no longer visible, please drop me an email so we can help you find what you need ... so your precious time isn't wasted. Just email us at and use the subject line "website".

Thanks for your patience ... these are exciting developments for us.

Lisa - Director Supporting Learning

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