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Supporting Learning Resources (SLR) workbooklets support students working within L1-4 of curriculum levels and offer much needed literacy, numeracy, social, thinking and practical skills.  The workbooklets are either thematic/skills focused or subject support focus and are filled with engaging tasks.


A selection of one page worksheets focusing on skills within a theme bundled up in packs of five or ten.  Perfect for use in everyday teaching, cover/relief lessons, wet weather days or as a life saver in an emergency.  Ready to use, just select a bundle and watch your students learn!



SLR has developed relevant & engaging blended assessment material for NCEA Level 1-2 unit standards linking common standards into themes to fit within curriculum frameworks or with IEP's.  This ensures skills & resources are linked together to make sense for educators & learners and are easy to follow.


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SLR knows keeping up with ever-changing information and updates can be a challenge during busy term times.  Head over to a section of the website that is just for you ... a place to put news, blogs, ideas, upcoming events, how to keep in touch with SLR and how to make the most of  the ongoing support we offer.


SLR knows you work hard and love what you do, so we want to support that.  We also know you may be working in a challenging environment and we want to offer more support.  Head over to the freebie page and see if there are any workbooklets, worksheets, resources or ideas that may just ease some pressure today.



We are frequently asked questions (big and small) so have a dedicated page to look through information and FAQs to get up-to-date information for your learning community.  This page will frequently be added to as questions are asked and answers are shared.

You could also look at the key questions below to see if they quickly answer your questions!


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Download or view the most recent SUPPORTING LEARNING Catalogue which outlines and explains each SLR workbooklet series, NCEA package, certificate options and suggested tools.

Then make sure you look further into the SLR resources on this website to view outlines, sample pages, costs and suggestions of what each resource works well with.


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note: this is a large .pdf file

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Register with your name and email to receive a complimentary SUPPORTING LEARNING sample booklet that has 42 pages of tasks from each SLR series, as well as learning tasks from the NCEA L1 Supported Learning workbooklets.  

That way you can see for yourself how engaging and simple the tasks are.  When you register, you will also receive a discount voucher for future SLR purchases just for your workplace.  Win-WIN!!

Email us for a free SLR booklet
pop a name and work email below for us to email YOU a fab workbooklet to right away that showcases each series ... 

Enjoy this workbooklet and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

  • What makes supporting learning resources different?
    All our material has been developed from teachers, schools and parents asking us for resources at the right level for the right students. SL resources are easy to use, easy to follow and easy to recognise key skills and knowledge. We write the tasks in age-appropriate language that has plenty of visuals and great layout to ensure the tasks are quick and engaging. Supporting learning resources weave in important literacy, numeracy, thinking, social and problem solving skills into each booklet or theme ... and tasks are scaffolded to extend students up into the next range or onto NCEA packages. Each SLR booklet has a learning checklist and feedback at the back that can be used for IEP/ILP's.
  • Why do supporting learning resources appeal to so many schools and staff?
    Because they are simple, affordable, flexible and make sense! SLR has a range of workbooklets that can be mixed and matched to support subjects, focus on skills or meet an individual need of a student. These can be used as stand-alone booklets, or build skills together to create themes. SLR also offers a range of NCEA L1 and L2 assessment options to make sure the booklets have a pathway and that students who need support are offered the chance to gain credits like their peers, in formats that are visual, focused and practical. Booklets are a one-off $45 for the .pdf which can be used over and over again within a school, and NCEA packages also have a free update when versions are reviewed ... a great return on your investment.
  • How do we decide what material to develop?
    Everything we write or design comes from requests to look into areas that are lacking appropriate resources. We survey schools and meet regional staff to establish a demand, and work with curriclum documents to link ideas, resources, styles and topics. The SLR Social Studies, Science and One Plus booklets are great examples of "need-driven" development to support subject and curriculums with topical material.
  • Can supporting learning material be used digitally?
    Of course. Every time we upload an order, we add a reminder that SLR material is either best used with a .pdf writer or as printed material. The .pdf writer ensures the SLR quality and formatting remains the same so as not to confuse students, that images, spaces for typing/writing, activities are not changed and students can add text, draw lines, add pics, highlight, checklist etc. We even have a document you can download to get some ideas. Alternatively, printing off the .pdf booklet as a paper copy also has benefits. Students can quickly see a start and end point, they can flick pages to see other tasks, they can move the booklet easily between staff and rooms and of course, a printed booklet doesn't rely on technology each day! Note: you cannot change our digital material without our approval to esnure that the SLR brand is always high qualty, and of course, you shouldn't change the NCEA assessment material (this would mean it has no longer been moderated and it may not meet NZQA standards).
  • How are supporting learning assessments marked for NCEA?
    The same way most subjects mark! A school normally has NZQA "consent to assess" the supported learning, tikanga or core generic domains, which means you are good to go! We often suggest the person working closest to the student is the "marker" or assessor as they are most familiar with what a student is thinking and how they have answered. This could be a TA/LA or class teacher. They check each task and answer has been completed (if something is missing, it will be a not-achieved as an evidence requirement or performance criteria will not have been met). They check it is legible, evidence is attached where asked for (this may be a photo, recording, brochure, artwork, notes etc.), that the assessor checklist at the front of the candidate material has been completed and the assessment result box at the back has been signed. Another teacher or equivalent then checks the assessor marking and rechecks the student answers (they are called the 'verifier'). Once that is all accurate and complete, a student can be awarded the credits if they have meet the standard. The school then files the student material in case it is needed for NZQA moderation in the future. There are more details about this process are on our FAQs page.
  • How can I order a SLR booklet or assessment package?
    Simply email us the title you want or give us a call and we will do the rest within hours! If you have an order number include it, but if not, we still email out the invoice to you for you to pass along to your finance team within the 30 day payment period. - Workbooklets are uploaded and you are emailed the file links. - NCEA assessment packages are customised with your logo and organisation name, uploaded and you are emailed the file links. - Any updates are uploaded and you are emailed a notification to replace your files.
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Our Co-Directors, have over 50 years education experience and our writing/support team even more!


We want educators focusing on the important parts of teaching ... building relationships with our youth (rather than creating resources and assessments). Which is why the Supporting Learning resources are visual, active, practical, stylish and affordable.  


We know one tool or one resource doesn't suit every learner so Supporting Learning aims to provide what you need, when you need it.  We enhance existing programmes and help develop new ones.  We support you so you can support your students and learning communities.


We believe "education for all" and "success for all" is worth focusing on ... so that's what we are doing!

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© Copyright Supporting Learnmng Resources Ltd 2017.   Contact us on 0211001342 or email


© All material is copyrighted to SLR Resources and is in accordance with the New Zealand Copyright Act 1994 with the following Terms and Conditions for all electronic SLR material: -


* Material can be printed for use within the purchasing school only and should not be shared for use with other schools, organisations, services or professionals.

* SLR material cannot be altered without written approval from Supporting Learning Resources Ltd. This includes adapting SLR material to use digitally, changing covers or formatting.

* SLR reserve the right to decline purchases due to a conflict of interest.

* Once an order has been received electronically, it cannot be returned or refunded.

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