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It is the time of the year when many schools/organisations start thinking how can they can offer some different options to students or are starting to think about a programme for next year that offers more opportunities or credits for targeted students and is at the right level.


We know that when you look at different options you consider many things – key competencies, curriculum levels, assessment levels, testing, SEN, attainment, staffing, timetable, parents, pathways, NCEA credits, peer pressure, budgets etc. The list or challenges you face can feel endless some days, but sometimes it is as simple as just finding a starting point ... the first piece of a jigsaw puzzle!


When we put together themes or programmes we use two clear options when planning:















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We all start the year with a clear plan for our students, knowing what topics are being covered and in what order, knowing when assessments will be offered and knowing what we expect the outcomes for our classes to look like ... and then sometimes we need to offer some alternatives NOW to ensure we can recognise each student’s skills and knowledge ... at whatever level they are working at to offer “success for all”.



Ever had or overheard a conversation like this ...


Student:  I don’t see the point in this assessment.

Teacher: Just give it a go, you may surprise yourself.

Student:  I don’t even know what I have to do.

Teacher: Just take your time, I’m sure you can do it.



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TAKE 5 MINS ...  for you!


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SUPPORTING LEARNING is introducing the TAKE 5 MINS Porfessional Learning Series.


We are bringing PD to you so you can take 5mins for yourself and focus on supporting your learners.  


These quick bites of professional learning been written to cover a wide variety of topics affecting many educators throughout a year ... and designed so you can take just 5 mins in your busy week to sit and read, listen, watch or reflect (we aim to offer a different style each time!)


Each new TAKE 5 MINS will be uploaded here as aa .pdf regularly so you can just slow down for 5mins and enjoy new information, ideas, strategies and stories ... for FREE!

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This thought leadership focus is about REFLECTING on what we do, the skills we use, more skills we use but don't recognise and how we can do this with our students by focusing on a theme and simply recognising all thelittleskills a student uses.  As adults we inherently use a wide range of tasks, often without even realising!


1.  THINK back over the last hour and THINK about how many skills you have just used.  Did you:















When we work with students, embedding all these key skills (and more) is often about keeping a theme or topic simple and engaging enough that we can add or adapt key skills into tasks without students realising!



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We have been talking about different options and opportunities for students but we all know … this may have a cost!!  We also know schools & organisations work hard to use their funding wisely to meet the needs of their students and staff.  Many educators are currently working on budgets for 2017 as well as exploring different funding options throughout each

year as students’ needs develop.  


Have a think about …

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Coming soon ...

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