By Lisa, Feb 27 2017 11:22PM

SLR are very excited to offer everyone the NEW SLR Student NCEA Assessment Record Sheet for 2017.

We hope this sheet helps keep track of student progress and overall plans, and it can be used within a subject/department, as a cover on student files, student folders or within IEP's etc.

Just go over to the FREE DOWNLOAD page and select what version you would like to use.

By Lisa, Feb 27 2017 11:18PM

NZQA have released the updates for the previously named domain PERSONAL FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT and updated all unit standards within it to newer versions.

SLR changed all our documents accordingly last week and renamed our files FINANICAL CAPABILITY. Some of the unit standards also had quite big changes within them to reflect the review and it is important to read the new material carefully.

ALL SLR customers who had purchased one of the following assessment packages should have received a new link by email to their google folder with all the updated and customised .dpfs.

* Money Paperworks - NCEA L1

* Money for Life - NCEA L2

* Setting Yourself Up - NCEA L2

* Where to from Here? - NCEA L2


By Lisa, Feb 7 2017 10:23PM

For the many schools/organisations using the SLR General Numeracy, you should have been emailed the link to your new updated .pdf's to use for 2017.

We have added in instructions for students, chances for more evidence, more guidelines for staff, new answers and more sample conclusions etc. Make sure you are using .pdfs that have the footer (v3 2017) or Jan 2017 on them to ensure you are providing the most up-to-date material for your students.

We are also aware that many staff who are delivering the portfolio's or working with students on gathering evidence may not be maths specialists, so we are putting together a series of "How-To" sheets and short video clips to help guide everyone towards what NZQA are expecting from your portfolio's.

For those using Masterchef Madness or Fun Fitness Numeracy packs, your updates are on their way very soon.

SLR General Numeracy portfolio pack
SLR General Numeracy portfolio pack

By Lisa, Jan 26 2017 12:53AM

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to school/education life and we hope everyone had a restful and relaxing holiday break and that you can still remember some of the good times before you resort to counting weeks until Easter!!!

We managed to shut the office down for a couple of weeks and we came back on board to do some wonderful team building and strategy planning in the Southern Alps ... most of the time wondering where the summer was because it wasn't where we were!!!

Since then, we have been busy working on updating some assessment blends, some graphics and developing a range of "How-To" video guides to help guide you all. Keep an eye on emails over the coming weeks as we introduce some of the developments.

Already we are looking forward to building options and opportunities for you all throughout 2017.

Nga mihi,

Lisa and the SLR team

By Lisa, Oct 27 2016 05:13AM

We are absolutely loving the new Zoom video conferences and talking to so many educators each week. It's a great way to share our screens so you can look through SLR material in more depth and decide what is the right material for the right student at the right time!

It's FREE for you, and all we do is set a time, send you a meeting link and chat to you on the day! You can have multi devices in multiple venues linked in and we can customise what you want to talk about and look at ... and sometimes we all get a laugh when the SLR chocolate spoodle dog bounces over one of our shoulders to see who we are talking to!

Look forward to talking to even more of you during the next few weeks.

Lisa (and Alfie the spoodle!)

By Lisa, Aug 11 2016 03:25AM

It is so exciting to be sending out the first TAKE 5 MINS today in the new SLR Professional Learning Series and to upload the .pdf onto the new page on our FOR TEACHERS section on the website.

We know many of you don't have days or hours to dedicate to PD, but we are pretty sure you can find 5mins regularly to read/watch/listen on topics that are quick and easy to follow!

Practical Plan B's was today's topic and offers a few suggestion to help re-engage a student, or find a resource that may be better suited than what they are trying to persevere with now!!!

Enjoy and next time, TAKE 5 MINS #2 will be looking at putting together the jigsaw puzzle of ideas/resources/assessments so it is student centered.

Until then .... Take 5 mins!


By Lisa, Jul 26 2016 03:07AM

We hope you found some time to relax and recharge your batteries over the holiday and have come back ready to give your staff options and your students opportunities.

Over the last few years, this is the time of year we start to notice students feeling pressured as some face a challenging battle with NCEA assessment material and expectations ...even though we know many of them have mastered skills and just need better opportunities to showcase their skills and knowledge.

Maybe, just maybe there might be something in the ever expanding SLR portfolio of resources and assessment material that will help unlock their potential?

By Lisa, May 26 2016 12:50AM

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting up with educators from Northland, Auckland and the Waikato at our regional upper North Island PD/Info sessions. 85 different schools came along to the sessions to hear about new developments, look through new resources and work on developing new pathways for their students.

I always love seeing the buzz when educators find something that may work with a student or group who are struggling to access appropriate material ... and quite simply, I love hanging out with educators determined to make a difference (even if two of the sessions were on my birthday away from home!!).

Thank you for coming along, for sharing ideas and great practice ... and for bringing "success for all" to life! Keep asking questions, keep challenging your thinking and never give up ... there is nearly always a solution!

And as one educator from Northland said ..."I have been waiting for this material for 15 years" ... and that made my week!


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