SLR FOCUS ON Series (2) - this week KNOW OUR PLACE (US29304) 4 credits

By Lisa, May 20 2019 12:08AM

The NEW suite of Supported Learning unit standards will help recognise even more student skills and knowledge and can be applied in a range of meaningful and valuable contexts for students needing support with their learning. Each week SLR want to focus on a different standard and package from the new suite and give you more details than we have on our website. If you can't view this, download the .pdf information sheet attached and head over to our website to view even more sample pages (SLR new suite of Supported Learning packages)

Meanwhile, have a look through the following SLR outline for the second package we are outlining called KNOW OUR PLACE (.pdf attached) showing how targeted students can gain recognition and achieve NCEA Level 1 credits by having the right material at the right time for the right student.

FOCUS ON: KNOW OUR PLACE (US29304): Describe elements of our culture, basic rights & resposnibilities of a citizen of Aotearoa (4 credits)

KNOW OUR PLACE is an important theme that works through a range of tasks that help students identify with being a citizen of Aotearoa. This theme cover a student’s own culture outlining their family history and cultural practices, as well as showing how they understand their basic human rights and responsibilities of being a citizen of Aotearoa New Zealand. It is filled with useful social and thinking skills about NZ laws, environment & culture.

Content Outline:

• Own culture – family/whakapapa

• Own culture – cultural practices

• Basic human rights

• Responsibilities

• Laws and rules in NZ

• Bicultural practices

• Environment in NZ

Head over to the assessments > new Supported Learning page to see samples and more packages. ...

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