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The SLR story behind NCEA L1 package I'M IMPORTANT TOO - US29300 - maintain hauora - personal health & wellbeing:

Years ago one of our colleagues had a Year 11 PE class of 34 with at least 12 students not achieving credits due to the complex literacy in assessments and the learning challenges they faced every day. These students loved PE, needed to take time to be active during their school day, knew a lot of knowledge but they were struggling to access the NCEA L1 PE/Health achievement standards like their peers for a variety of recognised reasons.

So in 2013, we wrote the original SLR Fun Fitness package to offer NCEA L1 credits at the right level for these students who needed support with their learning about basic body anatomy, health/hygiene while still enjoying participating in leisure activities. Very quickly, those 12 students became more engaged, were positively participating and started achieving NCEA L1 credits because the material was at the right level for them and in a visual/active format that made sense ... and they were getting recognition for their skills and knowledge just like their peers.

That same SLR package was then also used with a selected group of Year 10-11 students in a learning support programme who were doing a health unit focusing on personal wellbeing and developing valuable life skills. These students needed tasks they could work through at their own pace, concepts to talk about, apply to their own needs and situations and link tasks to the activities they were involved in in their local community. That first year, three more students with high and complex needs in the SEN complex at the school and two more selected students with learning difficulties in an alternative education programme working offsite with tutors achieved their first NCEA L1 credits and went onto completing more Supported Learning packages. For more than five years this school has been promoting and showcasing the inclusive "success for all" ethos by offering "the right material, at the right time, to the right student".

The SLR Fun Fitness package has now been developed even further in the new suite of NZQA Supported Learning unit standards. US29300 (4 credits) focuses on "maintaining hauora - personal health & wellbeing" which keeps many of the successful Fun Fitness tasks, but also extends some of the wellbeing tasks to focus on modern day demands young people face.

Have a look through the following SLR outline for the fourth package we are outlining called I'M IMPORTANT TOO showing how students can gain recognition and achieve NCEA Level 1 credits by having the right material at the right time for the right student.

I'M IMPORTANT TOO (US29300): Maintain hauora - personal health & wellbeing (4 credits)

Content Outline:

Hauora – well-being overview

About Our Bodies (optional)

Fitness & leisure activities

Diet and food options


Sexual Health & sexuality

Hauora/well-being strategies

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