SLR FOCUS ON SERIES – this week the new COMMUNICATE WITH ME (US29302) package

By Lisa, May 9 2019 11:24PM

The NEW suite of Supported Learning unit standards will help recognise even more student skills and knowledge and can be applied in a range of meaningful and valuable contexts for students needing support with their learning. Each week SLR want to focus on a different standard and package from the new suite and give you more details than we have on our website. If you can't view this, download the .pdf information sheet attached and head over to our website to view even more sample pages (SLR new suite of Supported Learning packages)

Meanwhile, have a look through the following SLR outline for the first package we are outlining called COMMUNICATE WITH ME (.pdf attached) showing how targeted students can gain recognition and achieve NCEA Level 1 credits by having the right material at the right time for the right student.

FOCUS ON: COMMUNICATE WITH ME (US29302): Demonstrate interpersonal skills in familiar contexts (4 credits)

COMMUNICATE WITH ME works through a range of skills students use when they interact with people familiar to them. The familiar contexts could be chatting to their friends, family, colleagues, coaches or in more formal interviews, meetings, planning sessions etc.

When we interact with people, we use a range of interpersonal skills to communicate messages, offer feedback, share ideas, solve problems or negotiate and all of these skills are presented in fun, active, visual and engaging tasks.

Content Outline:

Interpersonal communication

Familiar people

Speaking & listening skills

Feedback skills

Communicate without words

1:1 situations

Small group situations

Resolving conflict

Problem solving


Head over to the assessments > new Supported Learning page to see samples and more packages. ...

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