SLR FOCUS ON SERIES – this week A PERFECT PLAN (US29305) package

By Lisa, Jun 5 2019 02:09AM

Have a look through the following SLR outline for the fifth package we are outlining called A PERFECT PLAN (.pdf attached) showing how students can gain recognition and achieve NCEA Level 1 credits by having the right material at the right time for the right student.

FOCUS ON: A PERFECT PLAN (US29304): carry out plan to achieve set personal goals (4 credits)

Due to popular demand and a gap in supported learning material for technology subjects, A PERFECT PLAN works through a range of activities that provide information about planning a project (hard, or soft materials, food technology or a general project). We often make goals to help us in social, education, work, financial contexts etc. These goals can be broken down into steps so we know what to do & when to do each step. After we complete a goal, it is useful to look back and think about how effective our plan was to achieve, the steps we took, the timeframe to achieve the goal, and whether we would do it the same way next time, or for another goal.

Content Outline:

Materials and projects

Design & concepts

Needs & wants

Making a plan

Steps on a plan & timeframes

Following the plan & completing goals

Evaluating the plan & looking forward


"At an IEP, a parent was concerned their daughter was enjoying her technology class but wasn't able to do the L1 credits like her peers. We contacted SLR to ask if they would create a technology-focused package, as there wasn't anything suitable out there. The SLR "A Perfect Plan" allowed Holly to gain credits for the hoodie she designed and made with support and she had three more ideas she wanted to start planning. Before we knew it, Holly had achieved her first 4 NCEA L1 credits in Supported Learning and we had a very happy parent contact us to say how proud they were of her. And so were we! The Technology teacher feedback how good the SLR resources were and how the TA was able to help Holly complete all the assessment tasks which meant she was supported throughout. A win-win! - Sue SENCo

NOTE: A great lead into these skills before NCEA L1 is the SLR DESIGN IT (!) & (2), and UPCYCLE IT workbooklets from the Series One Plus range.

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