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The following SLR outline is for the sixth package we are outlining called AROUND OUR COMMUNITY showing how students can gain recognition and achieve NCEA Level 1 credits by having the right material at the right time for the right student. If you can't see the images below, please download the attached .pdf outline.

FOCUS ON: AROUND OUR COMMUNITY (US29299): Access facilities and services in the community (4 credits)

The AROUND OUR COMMUNITY workbooklet and NCEA L1 assessment material works through a range of activities to provide information about accessing facilities and services in a local community. We often are unsure what is around us and what we can use. Some facilities or services may be for pleasure or may help us with a particular problem or issue. Once we know what is around us we can use information to help look after us all, using this information and plan how each facility or service can be used in the future.

Content Outline:

What is in our own community?

Community facilities

Community services

Moving around safely

Once we are out and about

Accessing information for our use

Financial support and services

SLR offers the new Supported Learning unit standards suite individually (with a special term Two only discount) or as discount packages (see website flyer).

To order, just email us with the title you would like or reply to this email. The assessment package/s will be customised with your logo where applicable and .pdf’s links are emailed the same day. SLR material can also be used digitally with a .pdf writer. An invoice is emailed out.

Prices include a FREE version upgrade in 2020.

Some may also look to gain consent to assess the New Zealand certificate in Skills for Living for Supported Learners (Level 1) qualification or carry on to this as a pathway option from one of the tertiary organisations delivering the certificate

For any more information about Around Our Community or to other SLR packages in the new suite, head over to the SLR new SLS assessment page on our website or contact us via email or phone.

NOTE: A great lead into these skills before NCEA L1 is the SLR CONFIDENCE PLUS workbooklet from SLR Series One Plus workbooklets (Knowing your hood, everyday instructions, outside our comfort) or GETTING AROUND (maps, timetables, planning) from SLR Series One workbooklets or BIG DAY OUT (moving around, safety, out & about, planning a day) from Series Two workbooklets.

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