NEW - another student learning workbooklet for A PERFECT PLAN

By Lisa, Jun 6 2019 10:40PM

We are listening! Hot off the press to follow this weeks A PERFECT PLAN outline is a new optional GENERAL FOCUS student learning workbooklet. This means you now get THREE learning workbooklets for this package and can choose how you want to deliver it for your students. More of the right material at the right time for the right student. Remember, this is all part of the A PERFECT PLAN assessment package for NCEA L1 Supported Learning unit standard 29305 (4 credits).

The A PERFECT PLAN student learning workbooklets you will now receive within the package price are:

1) NEW General Focus - ideas, designs, learning factors, setting goals, needs & wants, projects, creating plans and steps, milestones, evaluation of plans.

2) Technology Focus - hard & soft materials, adapting materials, designs & concepts, needs & wants, design plans, steps on a plan, completing projects, evaluation the plans

3) Food Focus - food technology, food materials, hospitality, food projects, design concepts, food related goals, needs & wants, planning and steps

Note: the candidate assessment material is generic and can be applied to all three context choices above.

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