FOCUS ON: AROUND OUR COMMUNITY (US29299): Access facilities and services in the community (4 credits)

By Lisa, Jun 13 2019 09:46PM

The AROUND OUR COMMUNITY workbooklet and NCEA L1 assessment material works through a range of activities to provide information about accessing and using facilities and services in a local community. Students are often unsure what is around us and what they can use easily. Some facilities or services may be for pleasure or may help them with a particular problem or issue. Once young people know what is around them, they can start to use that information to help look after themselves and others or plan how each facility or service can be used in the future.

Content Outline:

What is in our own community?

Community facilities

Community services

Moving around safely

Once we are out and about

Accessing information for our use

Financial support and services

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