MONEY. MONEY. MONEY workbooklet .pdf


MONEY. MONEY. MONEY. is one of the most practical and useful workbooklets in the Supported Learning collection.  Skills and knowledge that run throughout cover earning money, keeping money safe, buying goods, social cues when shopping, managing money and working out pathways to the future.  All written in a practical, everyday context with plenty of fun.  We use money in many everyday tasks and often use making money or saving money to set goals for the future. This booklet will take you through a wide range of tasks about knowing money and currencies, keeping your money safe in public and at home, using money when buying items and knowig where or how to get financial support when you need it.
It may be useful to have a money card or cash handy, to have a calculator nearby and sometimes to be able to go on the Internet or around your school community to find goods or ask questions.