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All students follow pathways of learning that deserve recognition and a chance to feel "success" once they have mastered skills and knowledge.  Supporting Learning Resources assessment material for NZ aligns with national requirements, delivers quality assessment material for students and support for staff to ensure "education for all" and "success for all."  Our global material includes Learning Checklists for each workbooklet & developing assessment material linked to glabal assessment areas.

Assessment in New Zealand

SLR has designed and developed NCEA Level 1 Supported Learning assessment material using  Supported Learning unit standards in engaging,  easy-to-follow & achievable .pdf workbooklets to allow your students opportunities to have their skills & knowledge recongised nationally as well as working alongside NCEA Level 1 Core Generic Literacy & Numeracy unit standard packages.

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SLR assessment material blends NCEA L1 Supported Learning unit standards into contextual themes to show meaningful life, thinking & work skills.  


SLR uses our vast experience to merge the 65 nationally recognised NCEA L1 Supported Learning unit standards into 14 relevant & engaging NCEA assessment material blends covering 55-75 Level 1 credits.  

NCEA L1 Supported Learning assessment packs

Each blend has three PDF's emailed for unlimited use

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NZ Certificates are programmes of work  allowing students to gain nationally recognised qualifications & build a pathway of learning.  


Schools or organisations choosing to deliver this qualification should apply to NZQA for Consent to Assess.  SLR Documentation to show graduate outcomes and delivery through SLR unit standards can be used to support applications.


Alternatively, students can work through individual Supported Learning unit standards alongside other standards and subject areas to create their own Record of Achievement and may look to do the qualification as a tertiary option from one of the tertiary organisations delivering the certificate.

NZ Certificate in Skills for Living for Supported Learners (with optional Skills for Work)

SLR has put together NCEA LEVEL 1 Literacy and Numeracy packages to meet NZQA  requirements for the six literacy & numeracy unit standards.


SLR uses a thematic approach to add value to your existing learning programmes & add the key literacy & numeracy components to Supported Learning NCEA Level 1 blended assessment material. numeracy programmes within schools.

NCEA L1 Literacy and Numeracy portfolio packs

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All SLR .pdf workbooklets include targeted learning checklists linked to each topic & skill area to ensure students, staff & parents have clear information about what has been achieved & what can still be improved.

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Literacy & Numeracy
Supported Learning Tikanga Concepts
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These three Supported Learning unit standards are from the new developed suite of NCEA L1 standards and offer valuable "work-readiness" programmes and assessment packages.


All material is presented in the easy-to-follow  format that embeds key literacy, numeracy, life and work skills to offer a practical set of skills for working - work pathways, work placements, rights and responsibilities for work.

NCEA L1 Skills for Working (Supported Learning)

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There is now an exciting new pathway for students to link into to build key skills for personal financial capability work and study skills, self management and social cooperation at both NCEA L1 and L2.


Build programmes that integrate or focus on these skills and support students with new NCEA opportunities to show their knowledge.

NCEA L1 & L2 Life Skills packs

SLR has developed two NCEA LEVEL 1 Tikanga Concept assessment packages to offer valuable tikanga unit standards.


SLR uses a thematic approach to add value to  existing tikanga, te reo, cultural kapahaka programmes and to help build opportunities for students to show their tikanga knowledge and skills at NCEA L1.

NCEA L1 Tikanga Concepts packs

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