Supporting Learning believe ALL teachers deserve up-to-date information, more options, solutions to real problems and a chance to see what is being developed.  SLR wants to share our knowledge and experience of over 900 NZ schools using Supporting Learning Resources by offering easy-to-use, customised online PDL sessions.  


Supported Learning focused series

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We often focus on our students needs and put our own professional development needs to one side.  We are told "there's no more PD money, no relief budget, there are more important initiatives to focus on"... but we think YOU are important and it is worth US spending our own PD money on.


SUPPORTING LEARNING has TWO exciting and flexible PD opportunities to meet your needs and answer your questions.  The Take 5min series will be emailed out regularly in 2019 and the ZOOM video conference is offered to ALL New Zealand schools and organisations for free PD/info session.

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Professional Learning Online - 2020

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Our successful five year 'no charge' regional sessions commitment was completed during 2019.  SLR invested over $150 000 towards nationwide PDL, free resources and building networks with schools who wanted to explore more "Success for ALL" options.


We are excited about supporting schools this year more effeciently.  Instead of bargaining for PDL time and money, just contact us and we will set up an online session to suit you.  


We all know how Skype and Facetime works, but this is even better because you can share our screens and have one of the SLR Directors host the session to answer your questions and help build learning pathways just for your students.


Just email us to set up a time and focus --- >

---> Book one of our online sessions to ask  any key questions, share our screens to see targeted resources, plan programmes and talk about developments. We can customise the 30min PL session to fit in with YOUR needs and questions.



Suggested ideas for PDL online conversations:


* Planning around the NEW suite of NCEA L1 Supported Learning unit standards - 75 new credits plus Skills for Working

* Options for applying for the new NZ Certificate in Skills for Living for Supported Learners with optional Skills for Work strand

* New inclusive workbooklets supporting subjects

* Embedding literacy, numeracy, thinking & communication skills across themes

* Planning NCEA programmes L1-L3

* Developing "Life Skills" options & opportunities

* Looking through "where to next" transition options

.... > Plus much, much more!!!


Returning for 2020 - our popular SLR Take 5mins thought leadership online emails with helpful tips & insights.




We share good practice, offer options, tell you about what is coming next, and help answer any NCEA assessment related questions that may be causing concern or confusion.