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What age should I use the booklets and/or assessments?

13+ is the recommended age bracket, but it is more useful to think about the level a student is working at  - Series 1 +2, plus Supported Learning assessment materials great for studetns working around L1-4. Core Generic is NCEA L1 and L2.

The Supported Learning material is aimed for students who need support with their learning working at Levels 1-4 of the national curriculum who would benefit from targeted lifeskills programmes.  Core Generic is suitable for ALL students who need practical life skills.

No.  Resources are for use within your school/orgnaisation only and have been priced so you can afford them and enjoy using them for your specific programmes and IEP's.  All SLR has been copyrighted.

They are in PDF so they can printed on any colour or size of paper to suit each student's learning challenges.  It also gives you flexibility in what pages or sections you need to print or you can print affordable class sets and can be used digitally with a PDF writer.  

Who is it designed and best suitable for?

Anyone within your school community who works closely with your selected students can help deliver the material, or supervise the students working through the booklets.  Marking them is checking the answers are appropriate for the question and ticking them off on the learning checklists.  For orgnaisations without verifiers, you may be able to have staff do US 4098 to become a marker/verifier.

Yes.  The workbooklets can be delivered by literacy, numeracy, ICT etc, or by subject, or by specific skill identifitied in themes or IEP's.

Students can work through the workbooklets or worksheets writing answers in or they can give verbal, visual or active answers for a learning assistant to transcribe.

It is up to you and your IEP goals for each individual student.  The learning checklists identify all the key skills within each booklet and can be merged with your programmes.  If doing a NCEA assessment mateiral, a student MUST achieve EACH evidence requirement to pass.

The Supported Learning website will be hosting our support newsletters, updating FAQs and added links, articles and professional development opportunities.  Any other support needed is just an email away!

Who can teach the workbooklets and who can mark them?

Why are the resources in PDF format?

Do they have to meet all the criteria in the learning checklists?

How can students give the answers?

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Can I share the resources outside of my school?

What support is there for staff?

Can I use them in our curriculum's or IEP's?