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Our Co-Directors, have over 40 years education experience and Supporting Learning knows education should be engaging, fun, creative and achievable for all.  Yet, we know one tool or one resource doesn't suit every learner.  


We want educators focusing on the important parts of teaching ... building relationships with our youth (rather than creating resources and assessments). Which is why the Supporting Learning workbooklets are visual, active, practical, stylish and affordable.  We know that adolescents dislike children's books ... because they aren't children ... they have clearly told us that!


Supporting Learning aims to provide what you need, when you need it by supporting existing programmes.  The student booklets or worksheets can be used as a base for curriculum planning, or checking the students are learning by using the learning checklist and reporting on value added.


We believe "education for all" and "success for all" is worth focusing on ... so that's what we are doing!


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CONTACTING Supporting Learning

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EMAIL:     [email protected]

PHONE:   021 100 1342 (or please leave a          message/text and we will contact you asap).  

We currently work in New Zealand, the UK, USA and Australia.


Contact us for any query ... big or small.  We respond within 24 hours and our resources are emailed within 24 hours of order confirmation.